Welcome to Lefkadios Hern studios.

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Lefkadios Hern studios is situated near Ai-Yiannis area, just 1.5 klm from Lefkada Town and at close proximity to stunning beaches.

While staying at Lefkadios Hern studios, guests are offered a breathtaking view of the Ionion Sea and the sunset, making it one of the most attractive studios in Lefkada.

The Lefkadios Hern features a wide a variety of high-quality facilities and services, as well as genuine Lefkadian hospitality to make guests feel right at home.

The complex belongs to the 2-key category of Lefkada studios and operates from May to September.

Are you looking for a great vacation at a great price?

Since 1989, Lefkadios Hern studios has helped more than 3000 people spend ideal vacation in Lefkada.

Lefkadios Herns studios Nice holidays in Lefkada

Enjoy your vacation to a peaceful enviroment.

Treat yourselves to an affordable, fabulous vacation with immersive cultural experiences.